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Originally Posted by c.vestal View Post
Kelly is correct. All is set up with MX1 as well.
Boarding for BA now. WOOT!!!!
OK, thanks. I guess what confused me is that while I can read the list of items included in the kit clearly in several places, it isn't stated anywhere on the website that the 6.3g Acerbis tank is a critical part of the kit(and it is).

Any plans to retain the tower, bracketry, lights, etc but make a fairing for the smaller, narrower 3.2g Acerbis tank as well? Seems like a simple adaptation and I don't always want the bulk of the 6.3g tank. I have both and it would be nice to be able to adapt between them readily...

No rush on answer time, I just wanted to ask publically so that maybe the question in other's minds can be answered readily as well.
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