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I had one new in 79 as well and it burned oil like a lamp. I remember one trip across the US: I had ridden non stop except for fuel from Denver to Detroit. I was going over the bridge to Windsor Ont and the oil light came on so I shut her down and coasted into customs. I ended up pushing the bike out of customs to the nearest gas station - not an easy feat - where I added almost 6 litres of oil. I had run it almost completely dry (not sure what I was thinking - live and learn - or not)! It survived another trip out west the following year but the year after that, I blew a main bearing ruining the crank and effectively trashing the engine. I pulled it all apart and tried to smooth out the gouges in the crank, installed new bearings but it was all to no avail! I managed to pick up a very low milage motor out of a demo that was crashed for cheap and swapped it in. I sold it a year or so later and always regretted getting rid of it (in spite of the oil burning).

Good luck
My understanding is that in '81 Kawasaki changed ring metallurgy - and also that big K is known to have ring issues across several different models. Adding 6 liters of oil is HUGE, LOL.

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Linky not work?
In '78 I bought a new Yamaha XS1100 and rode that thing for 50k miles all over the western states. Loved that bike, probably my favorite of all time. It was the first new bike I'd bought so I was determined to follow break-in to the letter. Drove that thing so gently for the first 1000 miles and guess what, it always used oil, about 1 qt/500 miles. In hind-sight it needed to be broken in like motoman suggests... oh well, water under the bridge.

What happened yesterday?
My bud was working in a Yammie dealer and tried really hard to sell me an XS1100 but i HAD to have the 6. Honestly, this KZ has been a PITA from day one - oil consumption, low electrical output, failed regulators, etc. One trip I ran total loss ignition due to fried regulators and over charged battery. 5,000 miles of charging a new battery with a Schauer charger wasn't fun then but I grin at it now..

Thanks for letting me know the link was bad - here's a good one.. Candy Butt Association KZ1300 Project.
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