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They're everywhere it seems

[QUOTE=colemanapp;17557850]WHAT, another KE rider in St. Louis area?

Since getting the KE100 I've been noticing them all over. The guy who runs the Kawasaki shop nearest my home uses one as his daily ride to work. He has his choice of bikes, but the KE100 is cheap and fun. I also own a 50 cc Honda Express that does not exist in the sense that no license plate is required. I seldom ride it because it is too slow for traffic and can't climb a hill. I'll never sell it since it does not exist and I like having some form of transport that is not titled or registered. The KE100 is about the smallest thing you can ride that is actually practical. A small 4 stroke like the DR200 will probably get a bit better fuel economy, but tires, piston rings and all are very cheap for the KE100. I wish that engine size limit of 50 cc was raised to 100 cc so that the KE100 did not exist either... I'm paranoid and since I don't have any gold or guns for the government to confiscate I figure they will be after my motorcycles--just kidding... mostly.
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