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I love mine

a cuple weeks ago i drove from ohio to wisconsic to pick one up, a 99 ke100. They are NOT as common as they SHOULD be. What a great machine. I bought mine cause i needed something portable to put on my boat. I read all kinds of stupid reviews on the internet saying it was slow, clunky shifting, ect. Well i see why they all said that( they didnt know how to work on a 2 stroke). The bike had some issues when i got it It ran kinda shitty so the first thing i did was tear into the carb, Still bike ran like shit and sure enough i put my hand back down by the cylinder and this time i felt the compression leak. the base gasket was leaking. So i ended up making a gasket myself, cleaned the surfaces yada yada put it all back together and it ran much better. Still though it seemed like the bike was way too lean in the bottom end. I put a larger pilot jet in it and It is much much better now. But bike still seemed like it was choked up a little bike. I thought the kid removed the baffle as the end cap was missing but i removed the larger portion of the rear of the exhaust only to find the packing was horrible and most of the holes were clogged. I unclogged the holes and put more packing in and everything was much better, When doing so i noticed a piece of metal welded right in the middle of the exhaust baffle. It litterly blocked all the air from getting out of the exhaust. The piece of metal looked like it was made to be removed. I ended up removing it, then repacked it. Now this thing is really fast. One day i will take it to the dyno. I bought a clymer book online for the old kawasakis. it has a performace section in it. The old 1970 kawasaki centurion 100cc came with 18 horse power. Im not gonna get that crazy but the manual tells exactly how to modify rotary for a little more power. I dont need it anyways as this bike is fast now! Either way i love this bike 50-55 absolutly no problem, will probably cruise at 60 now. Its cold as hell here so havent got to ride it much. Only shame is that this bike isnt made anymore. It litterly feels like ur riding a moped except its actually fun to drive. puts a smile on my face everytime.
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