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XLV 750 Fuel Pump Failed


In the process of starting / running the bike (for the first time in a number of years) it would appear the fuel pump failed (plunger jammed) and then the fuel relay had the smoke escape, so that rendered it all useless, so am now looking for an aftermarket unit. In various threads I've seen details of the pump failing but haven't seen anything explaining what has been used in it's place.

If anyone has some handy hints as to what has been successfult and what hasn't, would appreciate your feedback.I can see REPCO have a variety of pumps which I believe could be adapted

To continue the story, got it running using a piece of hose direct to the carby's and with the help of gravity feed, had her purring in no time.

Man, it sounds good, although not sure what the neighbours thought at that time of night. I'm sure they will be understanding of a man and his toys ! ! !

Cheers, GASco
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