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Itís green here!!! What a change from mexicoÖitís green jungle here. I like it!! I have been told by several people along the way how much they like Guatemala. I like it so far. Such a contrast with fíed up Belize. I feel like I can relax again. I make it to Tikal just as it is getting darkÖ
I think of how if I didnít get the flat the other day at the border, how I would have rolled into Belize City right as it was getting dark. Damn, that would have been scary!! I would have ended up at some expensive resort hotelÖif lucky!!
Some how along the way of beating down the rough roads, my headlight aim has been fixed!! It now points right where I would want it. I tried everything I could think of in San Miguel de Allende to make the headlight point at the road instead of up into the sky with no luck. I have no idea how that happened, but Iíll take itÖ.
A little way into Guatemala, I stop to get a drink of water by a soccer game. There are chickens and turkeys running around the field with them while they play. Itís nice to be able to feel ok with stopping again for some water since I didnít feel that way in Belize.
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