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I just picked this up after driving by it for months. The seller brought it back from Lithuania. 50's vintage M-72, either IMZ or KMZ. Same sidecar fender and leaf springs. Yours looks like a pretty original military rig by the look of the front fender and the frame loops over the sidecar fender. I think you passed up something with a little value. The M-72s were directly copied from the the R71s for the military, and the quality was much higher than subsequent Urals and Dneprs sold to civilians. As another inmate said, there's quite a following developing for these M72s. You can still get most of the parts you need to restore them, pretty reasonably. I could use that tranny in the pics! That sidecar frame and fender is worth something. So, where is it?
The bike is in So. Ca.
The owner isn't actively trying to sell it. I haven't been able to get him to name a price, other than someone supposedly offered him $2000.00 for it a couple years ago. That amount seems a little high to me. I would drag it home for $500.00 tops but I doubt he'd take that offer.
In a usable condition, what are these things worth?

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