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Originally Posted by pecos View Post
Is there a specific year range that one should stay in? Or is buying a trials bike really about getting the latest model for what your budget is?


Really hard to say, because of a big question mark for us to fill in, from YOUR side.

Are you going to try to compete? Do you have money? is this just a "think Ill do it" sort of to say I got one? see what I mean?

Lemme try to quickly tell you a story which might enlighten why I axed all that...

in 1972, I think it was, My family discovered trials, and well my pop loves anything where being clever or practice makes you better than just spending money on going faster parts etc, like MX was. But for at least a year, might been 2, dad rode novice in RMTA, on a brand new then, suzuki 250 enduro, that big hulking SOB, that had been sort of adapted for local races and hare scrambles, and he modded a little to make more trials friendly. Ok, so you know he was "INTO" it, it was something he decided we'd do ya know, not baja one week hare scrambles and what not, then trials... Trials.

But it was when Wiltz Waggoner and another big name rider at the time, happend to watch him ride a section, while my mother was near them, and Wiltz looked at the other guy and said, I think that man rides that thing pretty good, but would make a better rider, if he would get a real trials bike..." (or something very close to that) That week a bultaco sherpa-t appeared in crate form in the garage...

So you see, I'm relating a couple things. you can buy any bike and compete on it, but compared to the tanacity of my dad, I dont believe you would show up at a tank battle, with a Mashette? Month after month without feeling like what a waste of time, I'm getting my @ss handed to me all the time. 2, But if your just going to "discover" the trials behind your house, and explore, then hell, any bike will be good for that, older the better for having fuel capasity.

New bikes are not this drastic, but the benefits of modern designs, just dont take but, well lets just say a year for a new rider, to appreciate.
Maybe over simplified, but 90% of us normal people bowl with the house balls, or shoot pool with house sticks. I have my own cue, but without time and energy & practice, I dont shoot any better with it or the house sticks. But there was a time, I could...

What I have most of my friends that I get started do, is get almost any bike that is from 2000 or up, get started get some basics learned, then every so often they will ride my newer bike. like I say, after about a year of lots of practice, not once a month riding... they can feel the difference then they usually go find a newer bike.

Best thing I like, most of them buddies probably lost less than a few hundred dollars at most when the sold the bike, some bought so well a priced one, they actually broke even, eventhough it was a couple years down the road. (PS: Not including maintenance & parts they bought over this period, but saying the main price when they gave it up, you know...).

It does help to have friends with same bike and models too, for sharing or learning how-to's on maint and repair, and spare parts.

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