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Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
Is it only me but that thing looks painfully slow especially for a big 1600cc accelerating out corners watching the video.The sound is also nothing to write home about.Wonder if those Motus guys ever listened to the drone of a V4 RC30 accelerating and giving you goosebumps...
But the 200 or so yearly customers who actually will buy a Motus through the Neiman Marcus catalog probably,most likely will have a RC30 in their garage already...
The rest of us mere mortals can always buy a Honda ST1300 for less than half of the cost and don't even have to buy chainlube and can dream about picking up a used Motus one day when the rich guys get bored with it...
Boxer lust,the engine that is the epitome of slow and gradual would be the boxer. The Motus sounds as intended,like a small V-8 taking off,pretty neat I think.
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