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Glad Y'all enjoyin it! Great little scoot! Yea I love the simplecity of it! Carb engines are just so easy on motorcycles and scooters. Although when the sat they need rebuild but whatever. If you don't let it sit for a long long period of time, change the awl and just take care of it, I bet ya this here scoot will last you as long as you own it, cause you don't put THAT much miles on smaller scoots [with exceptions like them guys taked cross country trips on Ruckuses], so they will just go forever.

And as for Honda and Scoots in America, they gives us a big FU. Really? Now only 2 MODELS? They even cut the met? And you right I just goed to Honda USA site and they only have the Ruck 50 and Wing 600 listed for 12! WTF?

I mean a 50 cc is useless except for big citys and towns or unlicensed riders not made for 50+ MPH roads at all, and a Silverwing is too big for many of Y'all, you don't want no huge giant scooter yea the SW nice but not everyone wants a big bike, some don't even like bigger displacement bikes have mot fun on 250s for some I like big but thats me. I mean we's talkin a 551 pound bike and has a question mark about a full tank of fuel on that on Hondas site! And it only gits 46-50 MPG not overly appealing to a commuter about the same as a 1600 cc H-D, maybe some seed 55 MPG but still. Ok thats bad right? Not enouff apparently. For 2011 the SW starting price was $9,099! Their nuts! Thats more than an American made Harley Sportster 1200, and $2,499 for a 49 CC SCOOTER! That CAN'T do 50 MPH!

Let me tell Y'all, $2,499 will ser buy you a purdy nice bike on Craigslist, from a Shadow 600 to a used, yea a decent 90s Sportster, or even a mint condition Helix, or an Elite 250 just as reliable but much faster and you'll have $1,500 left! It'll take a 49 cc scooter quite some time to make up $1,500 in gas for most folks just riding 2 miles to work and some limited distance weekend riding, at 100-120 MPG vs 75-85 MPG of the 70 MPH Elite 250.

So, obviously Honda don't care about us American Bikers much, nor scooterists particularly. As they say, Honda went down with him!
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