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Originally Posted by 996DL View Post
New and much more revealing photos, what a great way to see the old year out !

And the wailing and moaning of the luddites is completely understandable, given the truly monumental design shift, of the boxer layout.

I wouldn't say its only the luddites with those sentiments. If those images are the GS in development, there is a marked departure from what the GS is now, to what those images show. Regardless of engine power and performance.

Radial dual disc brakes on the front tell me it's more of a roadbike than a Gelande/Strasse. The overall heft and weight (visually) look less 'Gelande' capable than the current model. However, it could be a well-camouflaged disguise. It could also be the GSA version with larger capacity for fuel.

Is it me, or are the Boxer 'jugs' higher up on the engine than the current model? In the first images (riders coming straight on), the right jug is lower than the left. Does anyone else see that, or is it me?

I like the removable passenger pegs. The windscreen looks like an afterthought, from a 'substance' perspective. How sturdy is it, and how well does it shield you?

The headers look tortured, really twisted coming out of the head.

Just initial comments, as I know this is either 1) a decoy, or 2) a disguised development mule and many things will yet be refined.

If this is the direction for the new GS, then it certainly will be more 'Strasse' than a balance of G/S.
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