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Originally Posted by bemiiten View Post
I disagree, The Ducati, despite the marketing hype, is not a Dualsport bike. And on a bike that needs to perform offroad, off idle smoothness and torque far outweigh sales team driven HP & top speed numbers. Lets hope BMW isn't foolish enough to try and compete with a bike that is not it's competition.

Ride the Multi, and while they have 'numbers', it's a far cry from being refined or feeling like you want to spend time in the saddle. Off-idle fueling is notchy at best (and often posted in Ducati forums), and at the risk of sounding 'old', I just don't see the need for the power in a DS.

The GS was/is about refinement and I'm sure BM is doing their due diligence on this model. But if it comes out to be more road-oriented, I wonder how many people will go Orange. Which is another can of worms.
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