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This could make financial sense if you could attract clients at the Pro level.
Maybe try to appeal to established Pros and interest their sponsors/agents in getting on board with doing rallies? ... then getting the Dakar specific training that is essential to win. Dakar recognition is growing in the USA ... slowly, but it's getting bigger.

The most likely candidates for Dakar training would come from our own AMA Enduro, GNCC, Hare & Hound, ISDE and other Desert Series. All pros with the proper fitness, youth and skills to win the event. But they don't work for free ... nor should they.

These "feeder" series are ideal to find future Dakar winners. All these guys know how to train and are pretty tough. How long they can ride without sleep? That's another issue.

Find the very best guys and get their sponsors to pay you to train them ... and then see if they are smart enough to learn to do navigation at 70 mph and how to cheat as good as the French do.

Over The Hill casual or X racers are out, IMO. No real chance. Rich guys can pay their way but no chance of finishing ... let alone winning it. We need guys at the top of their racing careers ... not at the end. As in every sport ... Youth will prevail.

Problem is few major sponsors, including the Big Four Japanese OEM's have any interest in Dakar or international rallies. Much more interest in Europe. It's a zero gain for most US based sponsors ... but maybe their perceptions could be shifted?

How can you "sell" them on a new way of looking at this?

It could take a generation to establish a viable US "team" of riders ... if we started now. But once a program was up and running US riders could do well ... with proper sponsorship and training.
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