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Day 2 Willows CA to LaMesa, CA

Arrg, my brain hurts. We drove in nonstop traffic for 12 hours today. I-5 straight south including stop and go all the way through LA, arrrrrrg. I'm used to heavy traffic around Seattle, but LA drivers are crazy! Nail it to 80mph - slam on your brakes two inches behind a truck going 55 - cut someone off and floor it back to 80 and repeat. If anybody is worried about me riding a motorcycle in Baja they should know I survived the most dangerous part of the trip already.

We found a storage place in LaMesa, CA, near San Diego and pulled in about 6:00 and commenced to transfer all our stuff from the trailer onto the bikes, needless to say in the dark.

Deby ready to ride

Truck and trailer all tucked in

We found a hotel nearby and immediately made a bee line to the restaurant next door for some well deserved food and a beer - ahhhhhhh.

Back in our room taking inventory of our possessions we realized we will be making a stop back at the truck tomorrow, let's see, think we need our passports? Oh - if anyone is following my SPOT link you will know what else I left in the truck.

What else did we forget? Deby left her motocross riding gloves at home and only has cold weather gloves and I left the bracket for my GPS60cs in my shop. Watch for pictures tomorrow of the GPS held on with zip ties, ha.

Tomorrow we'll cross over (sounds like what you say when someone dies) at Tecate and attempt to find our way to Mikes. From here on out my only connection will be by WiFi.

Stay tuned.
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