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Originally Posted by 996DL View Post
The stalwart few, that never bothered purchasing a HP2E in the first place, but still revere it's image / memory, like a Porsche enthusiast's 959 garage poster, perhaps. Outside of that, I feel you're waxing poetically / lamenting generational change, for changes sake.

Some additional weight and technological sophistication, will not turn BMW's cash cow GS series, into a festooned roadie. It's not to say that for a few, the additional pounds won't interfere in hard core off road use, but those owners are still truly an extremely small percentage, of GS buyers.

The only thing a considerable number of people will be doing, when this bike is released, is lining up in droves to buy them. Feel free to pm me, if KTM's numbers go through the roof at the same time,
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BMW knows that, despite the hairy chest beating on forums like this, that most of the miles that GSs do is road miles. They are used as very comfy road bikes with good real road performance. They are used a lot less on dirt than people admit.

The Multistrada challenges that market, so BMW wants to up the ante. GSs are an aspirational bike, sold on the dream of crossing deserts and mountains and shit.
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