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Rate your Harbor Freight Tool Experiences!

Please rate your experience with specific tools/items purchased and used from Harbor Freight. Note the link to the item, if you got it on sale, a photo if you can, and your DIRECT experience with that item.

Anyone who is interested in buying inexpensive tools and items from HF can use this thread to see if what they are interested in has a chance of being worth the price!

This thread is NOT about wheather or not you should buy things from China, or anywhere else. It IS about helping people decide the good values from the bad at Harbor Freight. Please do not waste our time with rants about HF and Chinese crap.

I'll start out with examples!

Three years of hard labor:

Major Pass, and only $289 for the air/manual lift version on sale!
Similar three years:

Pass. It is great for getting a bike on the lift alone, and holding it while tieing it down!

Pass, lasted three years, for $9.99 on sale.

Pass, excessive use, and the Allen sockets, with no failures, and lots of abuse.

Got on super sale for $12.99. MAJOR PASS! Works great, especially for the price. Now if only I could weld worth a damn.

Pass, but beware of using them on assphault as they will sink in.

Pass, strong and cheap at $39 on sale.

PASS! This thing is great! Holds the HF 7" rubbing and buffing pads (also great!) and the other accessories.

Pass, but the dust collector is worthless!

FAIL Cheap and bend easily!


I have used LOTS of HF hand tools, and most are OK, the screwdrivers are generally crap, unless you use ones with replacable tips, but otherwise they do NOT do well.


PS Yes, I know Poolside (Jim) has a similar thread, but this is about pass or fail on specific items, so different.
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