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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
I also have the blue flame version. I paid $39. Works fantastically, and has enabled me to weld much better than before I had an auto-darkening helmet. Mostly just because now I can start my welds in the correct place. Anyway, I'm not blind, so I'll say PASS.

I use it with:
(I can't post the images from work)
I paid $69 for it refurbished. I've probably burnt 50 pounds of rod with it. Never had a problem with it, ever. I've used it with 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 rod on both 120 and 240 volts (It likes 240V MUCH better). PASS.
(actually, I can post the images...but they come out rather large:

FAIL. Where do I begin to describe this piece of shit? The power supply is basically a tiny bit larger than your average cell phone charger. It buzzes and spins, but when you touch a spinning cut-off wheel to a peice of PLASTIC (forget about metal) it instantly stalls and wimpers. It has no power. If you intent to use this to drill, grind, cut, or even scratch something, forget it. My ex had vibrators ten times more powerful than this crap.

I think I have this, but mine only came with 5 bits...

FAIL. it doesn't ratchet just works like some kind of torque wrench, where after about 1 foot pound of force, it disengages and spins. If you switch it to the "locked" position where it should work like a normal screwdriver, it spins in both directions. Also, if you are lucky enough to make the screwdriver actually work, the bits break. This might be the first time I've ever bought a screwdriver that didn't work.

7 Function Digital Multimeter- I think I paid $3.99. PASS. It's worth the price just for the transistor test, where it shows the Hfe of any NPN or PNP tranisitor you plug in, as long as you get the trannies in *just* right so it can read them. The resistance (ohm meter) function works well, but be aware that the signal voltage and current it uses is surprisingly high (over 3 volts), which is strong enough to damage some ultra-sensitive component and will light up LEDs. The probes are crap and will fall off the wires if your not careful, so solder them on or something.
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