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Originally Posted by vtbob View Post
+1 The GSA now is the motorcycle version of the H1 Hummer. While it can do some true off road in the dry it's takes and 6'5" line backer to muscle it around. If you took in in the northern woods, and muk you would need a log skider to pull it out.

Keep the GSA for those who want the "look" and the few guys big enough and skilled enough to muscle it around.

For the rest of us...I hope the new water head GS is lower, lighter, cast wheels with tubeless tires and full ESA with the low suspension. oh and a low exhaust too so the bags can be lowered for much better C of G for twisty handling. this make the bike much more suitable for exploring remote paved and dirt roads that exist all over the US and Canada.
I get tired of this kind of crap about the GSA. Based on the last paragraph you don't want a GS at all. Just get an RT.

I have a GSA and ride it off road quite a bit and I am 5'8" and wish I was built like a linebacker. A GSA a Hummer? You've got to be kidding. It has a tank that holds a couple extra gallons and has some extra travel. How does that make it a hummer? It weighs less dry than my old 1100 GS!! So don't give mr this crap about it being so big. I use that extra suspension and I use the extra fuel capacity and love the fact it has both.

Just ride what you like and don't bash others rides.
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