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Originally Posted by Flashback View Post
That's so freeking funny.

I just went out there too (exact same spot) and no matter how much I tried to convince that nice man with the weapons, he wouldn't let me take the picture, nor would he take it for me. I pulled out all the stops, mentioned that I was former military and had previously held a security clearance, even mentioned that I earned special ribbons for my actions. Even said that no one would ever know and it was just a picture of a helicopter (a damn cool huey from nam). Said that if he'd let me drive up to it I could make sure that I didn't get anything but my bike and the helicopter in the picture.

He didn't bite. No joy.

btw: It's not just the National Guard Armory but also a Lockheed Martin guess tht they stock more than just the small caliber weapons that the guards were carrying.
You went far beyond what I tried. My conversation was limited to "hey, do you mind if I get a picture of the helicopter from outside the fence?" and him explaining in a couple single syllable words that the likelihood of that action coming to fruition was as close to nil as was conceivably possible. I u-turned and started heading out. Went about 30 feet and doubled back and took the left up towards the airport looking for another spot I could get the shot from. Realizing that I was probably being watched more closely than I'd prefer, I just bagged it and left.

I saw the Lockheed Martin sign too.

There's a Huey on display down near Rockingham - also a dragstrip there...

Also found some in Havelock, Fayetteville, Hickory, etc.

I've got the other three items on the list, so I don't feel like I can quit on this one now...

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