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Had one of their 4'x8' folding trailers with the 12" wheels. Piece of 4x8 plywood and you were in business.

For less than $300 delivered at the time, it did what it was supposed to do, carried two bikes with no problem.

Used it millions of times to haul homeowner stuff, etc.

Not pretty, not particularly strong, but it never failed. Paint sucked, had to watch for rust, and wire brush and touch it up occasionally.

But when I sold it, I actually got more than I paid for it, so it literally owed me nothing.

This one


Bought a set of their circlip pliers, you know the ones with the 2 tiny points that fit into the holes. When the tips weren't bending, the part of the pliers that held them wouldn't hold them, kept letting them move out of place.

These things

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