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PASS but slightly lower pass than the other two, the metal shelves and door feel a bit thin/tinny. Has functioned well, but the drawers on the other units are pretty impressive, the door on this feels a bit thin, but that's because its a large flat door, needs reinforcement trusses to not vibrate/make noise when opened/closed. Overall good.

PASS - But the abrasives and accessories are subpar, get goot abrasives and cutters, patterns will not match very well however, so I would avoid this particular tool if you require the toothed cutter attachments, or if you do, just clamp the blade down hard. Dremel makes a good toothed cutter but their electric version is 100+.

I have the cordless version of same and enjoy it so far I use this with a cast blade for a portable cast cutter.

Pass - Not greatest drills ever, but a complete set. If you do a lot of (insert specific task) buy a good bit for that task, but having all the drills = yes.

Low Pass - Not great stepped drills, but for around the garage they have come in handy many times.

Medium Fail - Usable on occasion, but they don't cut very well, I usually utilize my regular wood drill bits over these, but haven't thrown them away.

Pass - Have these in standard and metric, Mine have worked OK, not overly stressed because I use a set of snap on socket drives for anything critical, but once things are loose these work great for spinning things in/out. And general around the shop usage. Have not broken them or worn them out. Bondhus feel way better, solid metal core in rubberized handle, but these are ~5 bucks a set, less when you get the right flyer.

Fail - Readings seemed wonky, brother left in back window of car and it seemed to "cook" to death in the sun. Can't handle the heat....

20 ton shop press - Pass with modifications (glue rubber in to shim the press a bit)

Digital Calipers Pass

Welding Auto-darkening - Pass

Fail/Pass - Bit softer than ideal, if you want to transfer to wood, plastic, or soft metal = OK.

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