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Originally Posted by Jeff Sumner
Hmmm. I seem to recall something about punching a buzzard at speed, and the resultant feathers EVERYWHERE issue...

Got a CBX from my father- big old Honda 6 cylinder job. He'd stored it for 13 years, and I was riding it from California to the native Ohio- only had 2,700 miles on it. First gas stop in Nevada, and I tried to put it on the centerstand, only to figure that the pothole underneath was going to e--a--t the right hand extension to the centerstand...

Only damage was to the crash bar, oh! And my pride. I picked it up myself, with my back, so juiced was I on adrenaline. Sore for days.

HOLY SHIT!!! Jeff, how the hell you doing?? Good God man, I thought you fell off the face of the earth. How long has it been? Forever? I'll PM you ...
Gone on holiday ... may not come back!

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