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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
Most riding styles would remain the same. Jap zap, splatters , double blip all would still be used. Nose wheelies, hops, and flick turns would still be used by the skilled rider. The bike draggers would now triple the score that they are used to having.
Section building would go back to using more natural type sections. Using the tape as the obstacle would be reduced. The points spread would change as the parking lot hoppers lack of riding skill on the `real ` sections would come out of the end of the day. No more of being perfectly lined up before you attempt a hairy line or wasting three minutes before you hammer up a rock wall.
The overall time of any event would be shortened. I see the scores going up and the number of ties reduced. An event would probably flow better with less lines at the sections.
It is just about the dumbest statement I have read on a forum, well since the 80s.

that the guy that can hop/balance his bike will show how "no skill" he has on the trail ride sections (no stop)...

Did you even engage your brain on this before you posted? that guy that is learning to stop hop and all that "parkin lot" crap, is kicking your ass all the way down the line, because he's working at, and adding to his SKILLS set used in competition, which seems to read that is what you think was dumb. He will (if forced to) also learn and beat your ass even more, at the left over skills, ESPECIALLY since he will divide the time to learn 4 or more FEWER skills to be BETTER at trials,

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