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We always had big Owls on our farm, used to sleep windows open cause no air and I would listen to them hoot. Many a cat vanished from that farm, I figure the Owls got a few.

Originally Posted by tcourdin View Post
What say you guys on Owls in Arkansas? We have lost 3 ducks recently and cant find out whats happening. I've looked everywhere, no feathers, no signs, nothing. My dog came up carrying one of the ducks and it had no neck or head, I'm pretty sure she found it over on our side of the fence already like that. I put up a game cam and havent gotten a pic of anything this week. My parents said they saw a huge owl a while back, so that has me wondering if that owl is nabbing a duck and taking it elsewhere? The ducks that have came up missing are the smaller ones, theyre still fairly big but are smaller than all the rest.
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