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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
While you were posting on the forums in the 80`s. (Now how did you do that?) I was learning the new style of hopping. I was just replying to LOWPSI comment of moving away from dumb. This was an attempt at a discussion of actually riding. You seem to like just one aspect of this sport. If you have read my posts, I can hop and all the fun tricks that go along with not actually riding. So why not tell us all the great benefits of stopping with your foot down. While your at it tell us why trail riding is too easy for you to do? The benefits of you hopping all day to get a clean and some fool on a `96 Beta takes a one in the same section after 5 minutes of manuevering his wheels just so and now we have the start of an all day bottleneck.
3 big things, and sorry I pee'd in your cherios, it is hard to do without being face to face instead of keyboard to keyboard.

ABout benifits of foot down, I DID EXPLAIN, if nothing else SAFETY! (you beotch about my reading everything you've EVER posted but must have gotten too pissed off to just read my post, JUSt above yours.)

IF I want to just friggin trail ride, then just friggin trail ride, damn. Why call it a "sport" or even frucking keep scores then? Well to me, I like the competition, apparently most of you guys dont? crap, before we got into trials, we did the "explore colorado" every weekend, 6-8 buddies, left home to ride newly aquired 1969 suzuki 110's. FWIW, you cannot believe the places you CANNOT ride to nowdays, but that is another subject. But, There was no contest, it is not some sanctioned event, no winners or competition. SHeeit. At best it was a fun outing, at worst it was a lot of being with buddies doing nothing. but it had no point, except to explore the friggin terrain/scenery. Nobody spent the previous 3 weekends cleaning limbs, arranging for trophies to be available, keep scores, all this crap, laying out the "course" for the competition. What part of trials and competition does NOT equaL A D#MN trail ride, do you not get?

I dont just like the "one aspect" of the friggin sport, what you guys cannot seem to fathom is that like friggin any other club or competition, there are skills and rules, and things that are done. Like minded people having fun and competition. Damn. I can only imagine, that 1st guy to thow a hook shot in bowling, or a curve ball in baseball, then everyone going we got to Ban that friggin curve ball!

No, it is TRIALS enthusiasts, enjoiying a days of riding "trials" or those just glad to be out of the house... If you get a bunch of trail riding buddies, then you have a bunch of trail riding enthusiasts having fun doing whatever it is you do trail riding....

BUT, half the supposed "crowds" of these riders they all talk about "rushing back" into the sport of TRIALS, when it goes no curve ball, or "NO STOP" are and will, time and time again are those that wouldnt even INVEST the tiny bit of time to learn & practice the new skills to be "competitve" in this sport as it is now, for some reason... THen on top of that, and somehow getting these guys back from the mysitcal woodwork is the saving of trials, bar none?

I say, it is track record through and through.... if they refuse to try and learn new skills/tricks, you will find that they never have time to practice, never setup or help setup trials sections, or anything else because it is "just too much" to choose from TV, a beer, or trials once a month, year round. I see another trend, ONLY you 40'ish and under crowd believes the way to fix anything is remove any self satisfaction that you could compete and win or compete and lose, and if you get tired of losing, rewrite the rules so you can win, instead of practicing or learning and beating the course or others, with what exists...

THese same guys show up 2 minutes before the riders meetings, load the bikes and are gone before trophy ceremony, and live of the graces of every hard core enthusiast in the club that DID do all the above.

I stand by the notion, that without stop and hopping, that is about 5 skills I do work on, plus the basics, plus other skills, every 3 hour ride I do, so without the 5 I have more time to get better at the others, and beat the same people. Bet me.

Sorry, that is the best part of trials, the people the work, the like minded individuals. Nope, you guys think the BoyScouts/cubscouts should be sewing dresses, playing with barbies, and getting in touch with feelings, so that the girls will be feeing welcome, and sorry, I dont. they have an app (I mean a club) for that crap. Or they need to make one. Nope, it is all about busting up what has been, so the few can take over and make it what they never invested squat in, and feel good.
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