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Speaking of cars. At the last breakfast I said I was going to buy a Prius. I drove this nice used one. I ended up driving some other cars and then decided to buy it, it was leaving as we headed back to the used store. Been on the lot 90 days and sold out from under me. No biggee they had another one loaded but not as clean, but the doctor and old lady just dinged it a bit, but they bought it new, serviced, and traded it back in at the auto park. We were $500 apart on the car and I walked. I ended up deciding not to buy one. I am going to just drive the Outback till at least 150k like the last 2 I owned.

Try as I might I have not bought a car from a dealer, other than 2 from my brother when he still was in the business, since I was in the car business at the age of 25. Once you been on that side of the fence you just can't pay what they want. I always end up with private party cars at way cheaper prices. I may buy brand new next time though. I did find a Honda Fit that Justin had at Subaru and the money was right on it. I couldn't trade my in though, you never win with a dealer if you trade one in. Never. I decided the fit was too noisy for my long commute. Wind noise mostly and seats not plush enough. If I didn't commute a million miles I loved the car. Very versatile use of space and good mileage combined with fun to drive.
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