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BY the way, & again, you dont know jack. I have been online long before there was such a thing as a "web browser" let alone pictures in them (you probably just call it internet, if you Barely know anything you probably know if you use IE, Firefox, chrome, or what else.) this was before Mosaic, and the Netscape days too by the way... look it up, just like rotory phones, it did exist... before you noticed it. Usnet, and before that bulliten boards. I still recall that 1st time with the "new" 9600 baud modem, thinking, wow that is fast!

I bet you just loved WANG when the 2200 came out. Some how this whole subject has tweaked your brain. What makes you think LOWPSI and myself have not put in the hours. That for some reason you think that only you have. I only brought up this subject since the British were having problems with there own series. You act as though you made up the current set of rules. You didn`t,and I have always thought they sucked. Not because I could not adapt to new riding styles, and ask any one I always liked competition. But being able to dab for a safety issue, instead of taking the damn 5 cuz you cannot keep up with the big boys. The current rules were made for the GIRLS. That is the true comparison that you have been trying to hide behind.
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