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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
I bet you just loved WANG when the 2200 came out. Some how this whole subject has tweaked your brain. What makes you think LOWPSI and myself have not put in the hours. That for some reason you think that only you have. I only brought up this subject since the British were having problems with there own series. You act as though you made up the current set of rules. You didn`t,and I have always thought they sucked. Not because I could not adapt to new riding styles, and ask any one I always liked competition. But being able to dab for a safety issue, instead of taking the damn 5 cuz you cannot keep up with the big boys. The current rules were made for the GIRLS. That is the true comparison that you have been trying to hide behind.

Hey! Im not writing a novel, I dont have the skills or desire to write in perfect grammer, or "Harry Potter" narritive style... If I did I'd write books and leave this crap for the rest of you .

I type more or less like we'd talk in a little group around the firepit, and apparently you read what I type as if I am screaming from some pulpit, and sorry that is your problem. That part is in your brain, when in fact I am not. I know it is a problem that I will/can come off that way, in fact that is more your problem than mine, as I cant help how you read everything as a personal attack... and it is a risk, yet at the time I either sit on my hands, and not participate in the discussion, OR you bear with me, put in just a little thought on what I am trying to convey, instead of nit picking that I was a sailor and the f word & others come out a lot, and I have to edit before posting, sorry... and that except the attack by YOU LINEAWAY, as if I lied about being on the "internet" since the mid-late 80's, due to smarter geekier people for sure, is totally called for defendable part. Trying to get anyone else to read his post to dismiss me as some crack pot that would say anything, that was a low, backhanded comment, that is all you meant and aimed for.

I can say I have more to say on this whole issue, and I can just quit posting, since all you think I want to do is run other people down or off. (when I post and type YOU, this doesn't just mean JUST YOU lineaway, I feel others will read this post, if I didnt, I would fucking email you instead, get it? Again think about it, if possible. If I want to scream and bitch just at you, LowPsi et al, I think email would be the route, not forums. My goal was to let others who read this stand, hear from the other, seemingly silent, side.

So, when you read the posts, especially where I said non thinking, and or stupid, I dont think LOWPSI is stupid, I think his idea might be, maybe, I didnt post just to be opposite of what he said/typed.

It because I dont think people think past "it would be so much better if those guys couldnt stop and hop" for themselves... I first say "why?" it affects no more than 3 "actively posting individuals, here at advrider's trial baord... most of you are barely novice or amature, only 3 I seen so far even let anyone know what class they are in, which is again a problem but whatever, I still dont think that there but 3 that are above support or support+AGE classes if they bother to goto a nationals, and NOT SANDBAG. along with my frieneds on here, most of these guys that do travel or attend a nearby national, most on here (ADV) get their asses handed to them in the new clubman line, and kind of me as well, but really I get mine handed to me in Support 45 class. So that is the perspective, or the where I came from, when I started this, as you (not just you lineaway) put it, whole shouting match...

When IMHO I dont think you or they really think about it from a "Sports perspective" and that 8 of 10 no stop supporters seem to just want to go trail riding... which is fine, and still the point is, if you aren't into TRIALS to beat the course, have fun competing against other like minded and capable individuals, then dont bitch about it. <<< ok that will be taken wrong, I mean yeah bitch all you want ti guess, I just think you should be ready to have people bitch back when you do>>> For the rest of us, We like to learn something new, try new things, stopping and hopping is just more skills we have the bag, to beat the sections, beat you, win. We improve and practice all the time, every couple days, we ride, my dad rides an hour or so EVERY friggin day, he's 76 and he's forgotten more about trials than most. So, if this sport isn't what you aim for, then why do you think you should even presume you should have a say in where trials will be? It is like going to Burger King, telling them you wish like hell they sold bratwurst and corndogs, then thinking you have more than a right to think that way. I say it again, you want bratwurst, goto to freaking wienersnitchels or some shit. if you want a burger Im sure BK would appreciate your business and you are always welcome, within reason of course.

Same with trials, the damn sport is where it is, for what it is, and you are more than welcome to fking join those of us that participate and put these events on, and all that.

and again I cant help if you think that is putting you down, or anyone else down, or what not, it is a general statement, like please don't use this 110v appliance in the shower, at least to me.

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