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i can haz a motrsykle?
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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey View Post
Aww, heck, I didn't realize you bought a road bike (thought it was a mountain bike).

Why not just go for it and get proper clipless pedals? I've never run them but, they look pretty easy to get out of (youtube videos). I'm sticking with combo pedals because of doing technical stuff offroad and wanting to dab.

How about these--$35, shipped to your door:

Genuine Shimano for the same delivered price:

A few more bucks will buy you even nicer stuff. Magnesium pedals look appealing (lightweight, smooth surfaces and would look right on the bike).
I got one as a gift - a TT bike. I want those pedals because 1. I'm not worried about weight(my other bike is 30lbs heavier than this one!), 2. I want to be able to use the pedals without clip in shoes for rides to the post office and what not and 3. i want a larger platform for pedaling.

Thanks for the links!
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