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I just picked up this 76 the other day. It runs great. It is missing the side covers, the silencer/spark arrester is rusted away, the lights are gone, and the tank has a good dent/crease in the left side. Overall though, I'm pretty satisfied with it. It should be a nice one to learn the basics on and maybe do a few things to clean it up some. I really like the looks of TLtrials' bike above. I may try to work toward the look of his. I'd like to do a few of the items on your list. I just found a manual on-line and none of the maintenance items look too difficult, even for me. When you cleaned the centrifugal oil filter did you need a new cover gasket? Mine fires right up first or second kick, warms up quickly and idles fine, so for now I'll leave the points and carb alone. My forks seem to seep a very, very little bit, so I may need to look into them before too long to. I'd be interested in finding out how much trouble you have with the fork seals. I'd bet not much, but any info you want to pass along would be appreciated.


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