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Hi All- First, thanks for everything it took to get to this point. All along, I've known I had the F5 crew at my back, it's a damn good feeling.

Pretty amazing sensation yesterday to walk through parc ferme with the realization that all the adminstrivia is over, that I'm going racing in the Dakar. This has been a dream for years and years and to realize it is, well, pretty damn cool.

It's been overwhelming trying to deal with all the requirements the last few days, I'm doing a worse job of reporting than I hoped but there's only so many brain cells I have to rub together. Every day, I'll be calling Rally Raidio (is the first call from two days ago up yet?) and filing a report with motorcyclist and dirt rider, be sure to check 'em out over there.

Now for the easy part. Can't wait to bring you along.
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