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Originally Posted by YZman View Post
So has anybody pulled wires thru a frame before?... Am I going to be able to pull the wireing out of the frame and put it back in with the bullet connectors in place?... My vision is to 1st fish a somewhat ridged wire thru the frame. Then on the end of that tape the 3 wires I want to pull thru staggering the connectors one after the other so they will go thru the hole easier. then just pull them thru...Hey also.. should I say black tape wrap the wires together that are running thru the frame to protect it from abrasion? Kinda thinking I should.
I've only messed with this a little bit but what we did differently was to not pre-build the harness. We laid out all the wires needed (3 in your case) with a few extra feet of length per wire. We taped it all up, and then we fished it through the frame without any caps or ends soldered on. Once the harness was pulled through the frame and situated it was easy to pop the grommets on and then peel back the electrical tape, cut off the excess, and solder the ends on.

If you want to do a dry run you could pull the wire group through and then leave the extra length of wire when you solder your bullets. That would give you the option of cutting off the bullets to remove the harness before paint. You will know your wire is good and still have enough spare wire to work with so that, after paint, you can run it through again, readd grommets, peek back electrical tape (abrasion control), check your connections, trim wire to length, solder on bullets, and go drink a refreshing frosty.

I'll be building another new harness for my BSA in a few months (hopefully) and the above is how I plan to manage it.
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