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I've got this electric impact wrench, although mine is an older version that is yellow:

It has worked well for me - I don't need to use it a whole lot, but it has always worked well and seems well built, definitely worth the price for the times I've needed it, although I would never use it to install lugnuts like they suggest in their pictures.

I also have a 4-ton floor jack that I couldn't seem to find on the looked like this

I got it on sale, and it was a great deal - the crappy bolt holding the two parts of the handle together sheared off, but I just threw another bolt in, and it has been great - it is tall enough to lift my truck with big tires, but still fits under my girlfriends Accord - I guess it isn't available anymore, but if you see a leftover one, it is worth it.

Anybody used HF's Badlands winches?? I've read that they are pretty darn good for the price, but haven't used one myself...
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