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Originally Posted by Trans4ormer View Post to this forum and hoping to discover, via the search function and the asking of questions, everything needed to make an informed decision for my next bike purchase. I've tried the Harley scene, the custom V-Twins and just sold my Goldwing with heavily modified suspension...can't get away from my off-road heritage and am now looking for a motard style bike for riding the great twisty roads of the Arkansas Ozarks. My last KTM's were a 1981 250mx and a 1982 495mx that I raced in the SoCal Desert 37 events...yes, I'm older, but still enjoy a brisk ride.

The 990 SMT seems to be along the lines of what I'm looking for, Ducati and Aprilia dealers are few and far between in this part of the country and I know first hand the quality of the KTM equipment. Any advise/comments would be appreciated.

I think you'd love it. I've had lots of bikes, but always gravitate towards v-twin sporty bikes. Been through:

'89 honda hawk 650 GT (v-twin)
'98 Honda Superhawk 996 (v-twin)
'08 Harley Street Rod (hated the riding position and suspension- sold in a month)
'07 BMW R1200S (parallel twin)
'08 KTM 690 SMC (still have it- but not very good on the highway or commuting distances)
'07 Yamaha FZ1 (thought it would be a good all-rounder- didn't like the I-4 engine)
'11 KTM 990 SMT (perfect bike)

The KTM is much like my old superhawk- 990cc v-twin, about 110hp, but it's lighter (423 pounds), top notch suspension, radial brembos, etc. Not only does it handle awesome and feel super light, but the suspension is PLUSH compared to my other bikes. It's great for nasty roads. It's a simple bike- but has the gadgets I like (clock and outside temp) and that's about it.
2011 KTM 990 SMT

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