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My experience, tough to find great English manuals. I can read Russian enough to get by. I can help with specifics. Send me your questions.

BTW- Great looking bike!

Originally Posted by afcope View Post
I know this thread has been dormant for a while, but I am suffering through a long Central European winter and some of the small issues with my bike are beginning to beg for some attention so I have been searching for other KMZ owners. I really appreciate the detail of your thread. It is really hard to find well documented SV information. That leads to my real question, what reference books, or other information, do you use? I have a '67 K750 and I am struggling to find reliable info. I have the Russian side valve motorcycle book, but it is all in Russian. So, the tables and illustrations are great, but it is nothing great. Anyway, great build, and I really enjoy seeing other vintage bikes that are actually used! Here's mine:
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