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Durango to Silverton narrow guage RR (Colorado):

Coal train, Powder River Basin, Wyoming (near Gillette) - 110 cars with 100 tons per car; that's a lot of coal. Taken from the bike as I rode by, does that count?

A coal strip mine in the Powder River Basin, HUGE amount of coal with minimal overburden, also from the bike as I rode by:

A mine shuttle engine at the Homestake Gold Mine nead Lead/Deadwood, South Dakota (Black Hills, outstanding riding area):

The mine, closed down now:

I live just about 100 miles from the Cass RR in West Virginia now, looks like I need to get over there and catch some new photos with the trains! There's some glorious riding between here and there so it should be fun all around.

Man, that road train is amazing! I suppose they have to put hugely powerful engines in the tractor, right? I can't imagine a standard tractor-trailer rig could pull such a huge load ? Must be a DRAG to pass one of those, too . That tractor carries a lot of fuel, too.

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