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Exploring the Back Roads and Beyond

First time riding 2 wheels about a month before I purchased my Honda.

and about 30 minutes later.

learned a good lesson that day. ATGATT, and to watch out for cagers, they are trying to kill you.

so thats how it was for many many months, just riding around getting used to two wheels and on some crappy tires. Took my endorsement test on this bike and passed it perfectly after only 2 weeks of riding.

Onto some interesting pictures. These are basically just nice back roads i used to explore as a kid on my bicycle. With the top speed of my bike being about 65MPH I am really stuck to back roads riding (until i change the sprockets)

This morning I rode into work at 2am and it was roughly 34degrees out, camera was charging so no pictures there. Well when I got home at 6am I decided to go out and watch the sun rise and go for a little ride since the wife was already at work.

Crappy picture but here is the sun rise, it was a lot brighter and blood red but by the time i reached this area for a decent picture and had got the camera out this is all I got.

Mt Rainier in the distance

Dropping down through some twisties towards the waterfront.

Down in DesMoines there is this statue, kinda odd, but hey its "art". Story goes is a fisherman was down on his luck when this fish jumped out of the water and he caught it. Well the fish had tits and when he kissed the fish it became a woman, or something like that.

The trusty stead awaiting me.

Down to the water front to watch a ship moving through the sound with the Cascade Mountains in the distance

Thats when i got that annoying sound from my camera saying "HEY STUPID YOU FORGOT TO MAKE ROOM ON YOUR MEMORY CARD FOR THE PICTURES YOU WANT TO TAKE!!"

So on that note I packed up and rode back home to thaw out in front of the fire and get a few hours sleep before I have to go to work tonight at 2am. I plan on many more pictures, video, and more importantly more miles soon.

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