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Didn't mean to offend,

I was just making a general statement.

Originally Posted by P B G View Post
I understand the tool, I have a similar one from NAPA that works,

and there are several at work, I use them to estimate temperatures on plastic sheet for thermoforming.

This is a good use of an IR thermometer. Especially if you are measuring the sheets BEFORE forming.

This particular one before its untimely death was "wonky"

It was purchased to attempt to track down an overheating issue in his F150, but it seemed as if for every three times you took the same temps you'd get three different readings, and you essentially had to guess if you were accurate enough.

For instance, top radiator hose, you'd get 60F, 110F, 180 F. Then you'd feel the tube hose with your hand and go, that feels like a 110 to me. If you did this enough a pattern would emerge.

This is a less good application for an IR thermometer. If you could hold it in EXACTLY the same position each time you might get consistent results, but a very slight (1-2) difference in an angle will give a significant error on a curved surface. It's just not likely that a human can handhold the tool the same every time.

The window thing was stupid, but then again, I would not expect sun in the northern states to cook a display to the temp degree of failure of the display. As other electronic displays such as radios do not seem to have the same problem.

You wouldn't think so, but it depends on what materials they use. It's possible for a product in a closed vehicle in direct sunlight to approach 200F. Even in the northern tier.

I worked for a company that made CB radios and one of them would have the case melt down around the components like a comformal coating in the AZ sun. In the north the case simply distorted. Changing the plastic used was the cure.

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