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This is a good thread.

I have had good luck overall with HF tools. I'm not good with posting multiple links & photos, but I'll list some of my favorites.

"Radial Arm Drill Press". I got for $225. It's awesome. It is a floor size drill press which has a special head that is on a sliding arm which gives it a maximum throat depth of 17", so you can drill to the center of a 34" sheet. The head also will tilt so you can drill angled holes, or you could even set it horizontally.

I have a framing nail gun which works fine, but is loud. The $30 power planer is very handy.

I have a cigar sized 56,000 rpm air grinder that you hold like a pencil, it uses 1/8" diamond points for engraving. It works great and was only $15.

I have a 10" sliding compound mitre saw that has served me well for 10 years.

All of the above PASS

But I have bought a couple of fails.
An orbital palm sander crapped out on the 1st or 2nd use.
Had a 12 volt impact wrench that worked well for a while, but died. It was a handy tool for loosening lug nuts, and was only $25 but I won't buy another.

Btw, their sandblasting pressure pots are great for the money, but require a $2 mod to make them work. The mixing "T" under the pot where the sand meets the compressed air "floods" with sand and needs a mod. The sandcarving guys use a short piece of cross drilled brake line to keep the sand from flooding the T. It just slips into the T before assembly and stick up into the pot a few inches. It you don't do the mod the sand flow will get clogged every few minutes, or less.
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