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Dual Sport Maps Android App Review

Hey all,

I put together a review about a year ago of the Android Apps that were out there for moto-GPS use.

At that time Trimble Outdoors was the clear choice, but where it fell down (and still does) is the in the offline maps. They are available from Trimble's website, but it is a pain to download them. Also Trimble is not a moto-specific app which makes a difference when you look at some of the super-cool features available with an app like Dual Sport Maps that was designed specifically for our purpose.

Dual Sport Maps was written by our very own CraftyCoder who stills offers personal support via this thread. The app is paired with the website which allows you to upload, create and share routes with other riders and then have all those routes available through the app.

There are so many features available in the app that I'll just try to hit the high points here. First and foremost is the offline maps. Here is where crafty's app sets itself apart from all other apps out there. Downloading maps for offline use is easy and quick via the app itself. After install it took me about 5 minutes (connected to wifi) to download full maps of three different states along with the POI's.

Crafty has packed so many features into this app that the best way to describe it is you get all the features you would expect from any good GPS unit and an app. Set rotation, lots of different maps to choose from, night/day mode, turn by turn voice and routing (even offline routing), background service for recording tracks with the screen off, zoom out/in of the map based on speed, etc.

But what REALLY puts this app in a league of it's own is the moto-specificity of it. One neat feature that crafty added (at my prompting I might point out ) is the automatic volume adjustment based on speed. This is really cool. You set levels and it raises/lowers your volume based on the GPS speed you set.

One of the other great features is the speedo screen overlay. This combines a compass, speedometer (with a marker to show your highest and average speeds) and trip/fuel odometers which gives your motorcycle a fuel gauge (us KLR riders really appreciate that ).

And here's a shot of the map screen itself. In this view the map will zoom based on speed and even tilt the view so you can see farther out when travelling on faster roads. Hit the blue arrow and the app takes you back to your location.

Lastly, the app allows you to share your own tracks and download others. Depending on where you live it can be a bit sparse, but I have seen the site explode with tracks over the few months that it has been up. Of course, the more people use it and share then the more rides we all have.

The website is free, but the app is for sale in the Android Market.
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