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Originally Posted by rhino_343 View Post
Can you guys in the know let me in on what the differences are between a 2009 390 and a current model other than the closed cartridge forks? HighFive (Scott) mentioned to me the steering head angle and the FI mapping (can the mapping just be programmed at a dealer?) Any other differences?

Thanks in advance for the knowledge, I am thinking of buying a 2009/2010 390 at the moment and want to know whether I should wait and get a 2011/2012?

Offset went from 19mm on the 09s to 22mm on 10s and newer. Mapping is easy on any of them. 2011 bike with closed cartridge fork is worth it. If closed cartidge is important and we're talking pure off road, you could consider an earlier FX (not sure if it's available in OZ), as they came with closed cartridge stiffer suspension before FEs. The 2012 yellow frame is sweeeeeeet imho.

Good thing you're in OZ cause a little birdy told me that Husaberg will not be importing the 2012 4 strokes into the USA. Husaberg USA is focusing on the 2 strokes and the Enduro/Hare Scramble market I guess.

Better get em while you can here in the States. Used Bergs are probably going to jump in price the way KTM SEs did after KTM stopped importing the big V.

Either way you'll love the Berg. Oh, you have one of the best sources of Berg info with tons of Rally experience down under with inmate SafariBerg. I'm sure you've seen his posts on the forum. He's supporting 4 Bergs at Dakar right now.

Good luck with your new Berg. Ride on!
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