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Originally Posted by scmopar View Post
While out running errands today I spotted a pair of blue handled channellock pliers.The most usefull of all tools.That got me to thinking with all these" adv'riders loggin thousands of kilometers/miles a year what is the most usefull thing you have found?
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For riders:
1.) Earplugs.
2.) GPS that has self-correcting ability, easy to use (Garmin 660 is quite good).
3.) Rider-to-passenger communication system that works well (read: must have squelch mic sensitivity that is adjustable while riding).
4.) A Camelbak that works well.
5.) Thermal / Insulating underwear top and bottom.
6.) Modular helmet (reduces a bit of fatuigue at each stop (fuel, bathroom, eating, speaking to others for directions, campground attendants, etc.).
7.) Fuel gauge on my bike.
8.) Accessible camera.
9.) Boots you can walk in.
10.) LED headlamp that can be worn on your helmet (for on-the-go map reading at night, don't ask...).
11.) $2000 extra dollars above your budget...

The best tool in addition to your bike's toolkit:
Alien bicycle multi-tool LINK.

I nominate this thread for the 2012 Quickest To Get Off Track award.

I found a pair of fishing pliers once, but they aren't very useful to me since I don't fish. I also stopped once to pick up a pocket knife, but it was in rough shape after being run-ded over a few times.

A few months ago I saw a riding buddy's wallet fall out her tail bag on an interstate entrance ramp after a fuel stop. Her cash, credit cards, ID, etc., I'm sure, proved very useful to her after we found her stuff that scattered for yards and yards and yards down the ramp.

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