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Talking A Little coin

In the old days, I had to make the nightly deposit from the days sales at an Electronic Store
I used to work at.
I rode my Wing daily and never had a problem making the night drop at the local banks drive through.
One night I put my key in to open the drop, but it was already un-locked. I pulled a little farther and another depoisit bag was stuck by its zipper. I had to pull it out to get mine in.
It was from a local Flower shop, and loaded with cash.
I did the right thing and droppoed it in behind mine, but I did stop by the flower shop the next day. I asked the very cute girl at the register who made the drop last night. She said she did. So I told her where I work at what had happened the night before.
She was very surprised that that happened, and said it was her first time doing the drop.
I told her to always check by opening it back-up to confirm it did drop.
When I closed my store that evening at 9pm, she was waiting in her car next to my Wing.
Her appreciation for my honesty lasted almost 6 months, I will now leave the rest to your imagination. .
Ride safe all, and please, ATGATT.
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