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Getting ready to tackle my electrical issues and wanted some input first.

I found my battery dead one afternoon, after a full hour charge we were back up to 11.56v off, 11.07v running w/o the headlight and 10.55v w/. Got a nice ride in a parked it like I normally do. I should note, I run with the headlight off because I have the original rectifier.

A few days later, I had a dead battery again. Charged again, this time 11.50v off, but when I turned the key my voltage dropped to a measly 6.something. Damn.
Would start with a jumper box, but would die as soon as I removed it.

Cheapo walmart battery, that had been working for a few months with no issues.
All grounds are tight and clean.
I don't know where to start.

My electrical know how is pathetic; besides checking for loose wires, I'm never certain which direction to go. I'm contemplating rewiring the beast, but hopefully there's some glaringly obvious issue at hand here in which a more experienced dreamer could easily point out for me.

sure do appreciate any help
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