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Kristof Granit
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Delay factor in Russia too:

I have been stop several time by police only to allowed them to have a close look at the Ural, the only half of the documents and nether one of them as checked the engine and frame numbers..

What to do when you are on your new Ural Gear Up (without license plate...) and you see those 2 bikes?
You stop to take pictures and talk with the two policemen

In August just before the Bike Show, we decided to go on a place with a panoramic view of the city, just at the exit of the town, 3 cops were controlling the cars, when we arrived they just great us
But in fact they were supposed to stop us, no helmets and no licence plate for me... No delay factor...

98% always the same question: how much it cost?
Even in the traffic some drivers will just open their window and ask for it.
1% will ask the year
1% will ask the brand (...)
People will horn to great you or even like recently with 2 guys, they slow down close to me, open the window and Little detail they were on a brand new S63 AMG...
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