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Mysteries of the Pamir

22 May. Penjikent – Vertical Mountaineering Camp – Allaudin (Fun Mts.) – 80 kilos
Morning take off was taking place under heavy rain. Checked the new Can-am rain coat. 100% polyethylene. Works wll!
Can-am Coat.

Zaravshan River Bridges

For some fifty kilos of the road, the asphalt was all in big holes filled with rain water. That made them not well seen. Was not nice to run into those biker traps. We just left that water minefield when a mudflood suddenly went down right in front of us. I tell you, we were lucky not to have been washed away)
Mudflood settled in the form of a 30-meter cow mine. Its depth was some one half meters – clay, water and crushed rocks. Can’t drive it around. Tajik roads have one common problem – mountains on one side and you can’t walk there and abyss on the other, so the situation was a May Day type.

Mudflood sealing road off

Surprisingly, the mud level was going down pretty fast and the water was separating itself from rocks and making its ways down to the river. By that time, many vehicles got accumulated on both sides. Some Balls of Steel was probably rushing somewhere, so he decided to cut through it and got stock in the middle, thus double shutting the road for the rest.
I happened to be the only man in that crown to have the tagging rope (I always do) and we dragged the Balls from mud. Then we called in heavy arty support – bulk trucks pulverized the mass into something thinner and the traffic resumed in a fast manner.

Shorcha Village in the backgrounds.

Road got better. Sun came our. Mood got really elevated.
Tajik mountains showed up. Unbelievable! Eyes don’t understand at once what it is there – theatrical decorations or never before seen magnitude of reality. Those are not Kyrgyz and more than that – not Kazakh mountains. You just drive between two walls without a chance to ever see their tops. Me GarminGPS was helplessly SOSing about not signal from satellite!

Tajik Mountains.

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