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Tiger vs. Wee

That's where I was about 6 months ago; Tiger, Wee or a R1150GS. I found a nice '04 Tiger 955i on Craigslist for $5000 with 18k miles.
As far as reliability goes so far, been great. I commute on it everyday. Did have the battery die though. Long term I'm not worried about it. there are plenty of guys here & elsewhere on the web who claim high mileage.
I think as far as aftermarket stuff goes, there will be more for the Wee. It's more current, depending on year of course, but they stopped building the Tiger 955i in '06. Dealer parts availabilty might be a little better as well. Speculation here since I never had the Suzuki.
One thing you hear alot of people bitch about is the cost of Dealer Service. Oil changes every 6k. Easy! Check the valves every 12k. Not hard! Other than that, just basic stuff like any other bike. What I remember reading here is most dealers charge about $400 to check the valves. You have to remove the tank & the airbox to get to the cam cover. Then there is a special tool you need to hold down the valve bucket to remove the shim if you need adjustments. An Inmate here (Mustang) makes a version of this tool which is a cheap investment for a home mechanic. It pays for itself the first time you need it.
On the Tiger, somewhere in '04 they changed from wire wheels to cast. Wires are more durable if you are gonna play in the dirt.
One thing I think is a must for the Tiger regardless if you ride it off road or not is a set of crash bars. The engine hangs from the bottom of the frame spine & is totally exposed. The plastic fuel tank sticks out a long way, too. If you drop the bike like I did the tank WILL hit the pavement. First thing I bought was a set of Touratech crash bars. They wrap around the tank protecting it too. They were expensive, but so is the tank on a Tiger. And if it happens & your a hundred miles from home, you can still ride home, not call for a truck.
The Tiger has more power; it is bigger! Handles very nice without modifcation. Is a very comfortable commuter bike.
Just my 2 cents.
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