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Eek Spanking in Haiti

I wasn’t going to post anything really, or maybe just in Day Tripping, as it’s not really a ride report yet, but some odd w-e rides, but since there isn’t any RR on Haiti, might as well share it with you in Ride Reports as most of you (by that I mean all of you) probably don’t think of Haiti as a ride destination and will never get a chance to go there. I would have never in my life come here if it wasn’t for work. We do plan to take a two week trip through out the country at the end of the project.

So, I will be calling Jérémie, Haiti, home for the next year or so. So the first thing that goes through my mind I learn that I will go to work in Haiti is that I have to get a bike there. So after a month here it is: a Phifa Kayak Spanker 200cc. I’m a big boy here as most everybody has a 125cc. I saw a KLR 650 and a TT600, but nothing else more than 250cc.

3 other people from the project got the same bike in blue, red and black, so I guess we are a bike club or something. Maybe start an ADVrider chapter in Haïti.

There, I feel the RR is started, so now I have to go ride. The first real installment will start next w-e when I go to Dame-Marie.

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