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Originally Posted by trex300 View Post
I'm good at sharing ... ...................Thanks Russ I'm assuming a CBR600 donor?

"Hey Trex, I did a little research and found that the early 90's CBR had the same fork diameter as the TA ( 41mm ) so the front end is a straight swap. Forks wheels brakes speedo drive, everything including the front fender is the same paint code as the 90 TA. They just slip right in, then plumb in the brakes, even uses the TA master cyl. , then use a speedo cable from a 91 st1100 and the speedo is correct.
On the rear I had to bore the chain adjusters on the TA swingarm for the CBR axle, fab a axle spacer and a guide block for the disc carrier, for the rear master cyl. I fabbed a bracket that fit under the pass peg mount used the CBR rear master cyl had to offset the master cyl brake and pedal connection to use the TA brake pedal.
If you attempt this conversion let me know and I will shoot you some closeup pics.....
It really handles good, feels a little twitchy in the bars because of the wide handlebars, but it is a really fun ride.
Russ "
No, actually was a wrecker..............
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