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Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
The 955 is the better bike, BUT the Wee is more durable and a lot cheaper to maintain.

Your call.

Explain more durable, please??? I do think that both engines are very durable, quiet a few over 100 000 km with no problems, Wee and Girlie.
The main difference is that the Triumph is an in-line triple with 105hp and kick-ass and the Wee is a V-twin, 68hp and underwhelming . (just love that stab at the Wee-Strom faithful, don't mean to offend any of you, I do think the DL650 is truly a great bike )
Comparing a Wee to a Tiger 955i is comparing apples to oranges. They have very little in common. Very different bikes. Great low end torque from the Suzuki V-twin, great gas mileage (way better than the Girlie), nice easy neutral cruising all day long, dependable, easy to obtain and cheap parts makes the Wee a very good choice with only 420lbs dry weight.
The Tiger has a great usable linear powerband, it will pull like an electric motor from way down low up to about 6500rpm, where that triple really kicks in and stretches your arms. Intoxicating engine, great sound. The Girlie is a very good choice if you want to do all day long 80mph+ cruising with heavy load, always having that extra power available to get you out of harms way or just for just having fun, chasing sportbikes through the twisties. The big drawback IMO for the Triumph Tiger 955i is the 474 lbs dry weight being carried with a high center of gravity. Loaded she can be a real hand full maneuvering and at low speeds.
Both bikes do reasonably well in gravel and packed dirt with lots of dual-sport tire choices out there.
Ride a triple, you never will go back
Did I mention the great sound the Hinckley makes?
Owning a Tiger 955i does not make me opinionated!
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